To tasty everyday food, easy to prepare even on your off days.

Welcome to Liam Cooking Through Cancer, I’m Liam, and I’ve been a chef for many years. I’ve set up this site to help people going through Chemotherapy and now radiotheraphy as well to find recipes that they find tasty and user friendly whilst undertaking treatment for cancer.

Since finding out I have Cancer, I found that there was a lot online around food and Chemotherapy, however not food that I would find practical to cook or eat. There is a lot of what you should and shouldn’t do, so I hope to make some simple recipes for full dishes or snacks for when your appetite is not quite there. I’m sure I will have off days, and I will learn a lot on this journey, so I hope you will join me and we can share food. In the meantime I’ll try to keep you fed and entertained and hope to raise some funds along the way.


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This project is about helping the lives of those undergoing treatment but I also wanted to give back. I’d love it if you can support by donating on my justgiving page.

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