Super Healthy Fruit and Nuts Granola

Good afternoon,

Today has been a fantastic day, I have just finished a batch of super healthy fruit and nut Granola. Try this recipe and I can tell you it will be difficult to ever consider eating a shop bought one again. Its packed full of super foods from cholesterol lowering fibre packed oats, to vitamin enriched semi dried fruits. Please always remember any allergies that you may have before using any recipe, and as this one is crammed full of toasted nuts its a no no for any one who has a nut intolerance or allergy. In time I will start working on a nut free and gluten free version. This is a recipe I have used for years, but I have boosted the amount of nuts and fruit in it to help out with the effects of chemo. Its perfect with any type of milk be it dairy or non dairy but I love it with a large dollop of natural or Greek yoghurt and maple syrup. Please try it and give me your thoughts and suggestions.As I write a recipe as I cook I suggest read the recipe and method a few times before you do it.


30g of Dried Apricots (Tasty little things packed with natural sugar with calcium and fibre a must in granolas)

30g of Dried Prunes (Fantastic as we all know for the digestive system just dont eat to many at one go)

30g of Dates (natural sweetner and packed with fibre)

30g of Sliced Almonds (Lots of Calcium plus packed with fibre and great for cell regenaration)

30g of Pecan nuts ( lots of antioxidant properties plus great for boosting the immune system plus toasted they have a great flavour

30g Hazelnuts (Lots of Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids)

50g Coconut flakes (I prefer toasted for the flavout)

10g Chia seeds (Lots of Fibre and proteins plus rich in Omega 3)

20g Dried strawberry chips (You van use cranberries which are easier to get but my boys love the sharpness of the strawberries)

60g Mixed seeds such as Pumpkin,Sesame,Sunflower seeds mixed, ( possibly one of the healthiest items you can use in your diet they have everything you need to fight cancer and work on the side effects of Chemo)

300g Oats (I like jumbo oats that are slightly rolled but not milled into dust Try the Aldi Kavanagh Oats)

40mls Honey

150ml of Maple syrup (One of mother natures most powerfull anti-oxidants)

25ml Sunflower oil(as light in colour as possible and)


(1) Preheat oven to 120C

(2) Mix oats with the seeds and pour over the honey, maple syrup and the veg oil and mix all thoroughly.

(3) Spread the entire mix on two roasting trays and roast gently at 120C for 15mins then remove and turn gently around the tray and turn your oven up to 150C for a further ten minutes or until a nice golden toasted colour. Keep an eye on this as the oats can go from hero to zero in seconds.

(4) While your waiting for the oats to roast you will need to finely dice the dried fruits to a size that you prefer, I personally like them really small.

(5) Meanwhile you need to toast all the nuts in a dry frying pan you can use a little oil if you wish to speed up the process but I prefer not to, as it encourages the nuts to use their own oil to toast. Take it off when the smell is tickling your nose. Do not leave this alone as they burn really fast.

All thats now left to do is to combine everything including the Chia seeds and the coconut and mix really well and the pop back on your roasting trays to cool completely.Whens its nice and cool then sprinkle the dried strawberrys on top.

When cold this will hold in an air tight container for about three weeks, but is eaten in our house about three to four days.

I can honestly tell you is its healthier, and one word of warning its heavier than shop bought so cut down the portion you would normally have. I recommend about 50g per portion.

I have tried my best to give you an idea of the health benefits of the ingredients. While one single ingredient on its own may not make a difference to how you feel, when you combine them in food such as granola and eat a portion every morning or as a sprinkle over a bit of yoghurt for desert, it all adds up too giving your bodys immune system a fighting chnace to recover.

Remember please subscibe for email alerts at the bottom of this page for more recipes as I post them !!!!!

Thank you and enjoy !! Liam XX

5 thoughts on “Super Healthy Fruit and Nuts Granola

  1. Just made my third batch of this tasty granola today, this time to take to my daughter. So healthy!!
    Loved the salmon recipe. Never thought to use paprika. Brilliant. Thank you !


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