Lamb Koftas with Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Good morning and welcome to Saturday, yesterday I had good news from my consultant, who has reviewed my blood tests, they are happy with my kidney and liver functions which can be severly affected by the medication, and all my other bloods are holding up well to the first cycle of the chemo, So I am good to go for Cycle 2 which starts on friday of next week. Lets see how chirpy I am after that, as I feel that as the cycles progress that the effects maybe cumulative, but I am hoping to be wrong on that call, so for now onwards and upwards.

Also another note of happiness this morning is that my Just Giving page for Macmillan Cancer Support has reached that heady mark of over 1K donated, and the Royal Berkshire NHS Charity page is just behind, so to everyone who has donated and shared I say THANK YOU so much to all….. Those who are yet to do so please find the time and help out.

I have started to get up early again 5.30 is my norm. I do find that its the time of day when my brain has less fuzzy I am my most productive. I can get out and about with our dog Kitkat and see what sometimes can be the best of the day with lots of other wildlife about. I though about this recipe while walking.

This recipe that I use for lamb kofta is one i have used for years and the kids love it. I will serve it with a warm roasted cauliflower salad, a change from Cous Cous, plus the cauliflower salad is packed with lots of great vitamins and minerals that set you up for a weekend where I tend to relax my health food regime a little and have a treat or two, but more of that to follow in the next little blog.

Anyway enough about me and my blurb, here is the recipe. This is a little time consuming but once its up and running it looks after itself.

What I normally do with this meal is start the lamb Koftas and cook them all the way to the end and then do the cauliflower salad and warm the Koftas back through in the oven for ten minutes so the salad comes out to get served nearly hot.

Recipe for Lamb Koftas:

375g Minced Lamb (enough for 14 Koftas of about 44g each)

2tsp Ground Cumin

1/4tsp of crushed chillies (Add more if you wish as the lamb can take it)

2tsp Paprika

2tsp Rose Harissa (I Use Belazu its not cheap but keep it in the fridge it works on everything and you can add a spoon to say a tomato sauce or soup or even put a bit on a fried egg it just lifts it up plus it has a bit of heat which the lamb needs.

1tsp whole coriander seeds (I like the whole ones as you eat them they just give a nice subtle fragrance to the lamb)

1tsp of fennel seeds (Again these are a elixir of life your internal organs would clap to see them if they had hands they help everything work better)

4 Cloves of either crushed garlic or rough chopped

1 onion diced or chopped as small as you can do but dont fret as they add a nice texture and flavour anyway

1tbs of breadcrumbs (This is just to help soak and keep a little of the fat in which helps the flavour

1 egg just to bind the mix.

Dash of salt and a good dash of black pepper.


  1. Put it all in a large bowl and give it some welly also known as give it a good mix by hand
  2. Roll out into little balls the size of a golf ball, (approx 44g)
  3. Then pat it down into a little disc to a depth of about 2 to 2.5cms
  4. Pan fry the little patties for four minutes on both sides on a medium heat.
  5. I sometimes squeeze a little lemon juice on them and cover with tin foil and leave, tonight I am going to pour some tomato passatta over them and cover with tin foil/lid.
  6. The joy of this dish is you can prepare in advance and then pop them in the oven for 10 mins to heat up.

Roasted Cauliflower Salad:

1 Head of cualiflower cut into florets (Keep the stalks for soup see Photos for floret size.

1 Medium red onion sliced

3tsp Mixed seeds Sunflower Pumpkin Sesame or flax (Seeds again these are lovely roasted with the Cauliflower.

4 cloves of garlic roughly chopped

2tbsp Maple syrup or honey

1tsp Curry powder.

1tsp paprika

2tsp fennel seeds

Good dash salt and pepper

3tbsp Sunflower oil More if needed if the cauliflower is big the mix does not need a lot

Dash of red wine vinegar or sherry vinegar for when it comes out of the oven

Chopped coriander sprinkle on the top when it comes out hot.


Simply mix all together, until the cauliflower is well coated. with the exception of the vinegar and coriander.

Roast at 150c for fifteen minutes in the oven, It is personal taste as to how crunchy you want your veg.

Sprinkle the vinegar on and mix well and finish with the chopped coriander.

Now you can serve this meal with some toasted Pitta bread and hoummus or a salad of sliced iceberg lettuce and tomato. If you dont have the time or appetite for the cauliflower salad.

This like any recipe is always just a guide that you can follow to the letter or use as a rough guide to get to where you want. This recipe will work equally well with minced Beef if the Lamb is not available.

Thats the finished product above it makes for a nice light dinner or late lunch

Thank you

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