Sunday Morning Coming Down!!


When I wake up on a Sunday Morning feeling as the late great Johnny Cash sang with “no way to hold my head that did not hurt” (And no I was not on the gargle last night its the dehydration overnight due to the medication). I know its time for a long bike ride to clear the fuzzy brain, and thats exactly what I have done it was a bit wet and muddy but great for the heart and the soul. There is something that revitalises the spirit from a long bike ride insofar as you do know that in some ways you are sick with a insidiuos creature living at the base of your tongue but regardless, the rest of you is ignoring it and getting on with life.

Also when I am on the last few miles of that trip I can focus on the fact that before I left, I made the mix for a super healthy and better still tasty Canadian style pancake mix and yes I also cooked a mini one and tasted it before I left, or at least my 9yr old did and gave it the thumbs up. The first true experience that I ever had with Canadian style pancakes was three or so years ago when Rachel and I were on holidays with her fantastic sister Helen and brother in law Peter in Toronto. That was one of the best holidays ever, Jesus they know how to live and go camping, Just fantastic! apart from the mosquitos which were the size of our honey bees.

So since I have had the unwanted visitor I have been super cautious about highly processed foods and sugar in particular and also its good to see our government taking some notice of what this crap can do to our bodies. For anyone going through this and who has had a pet CT scan, think about why they ask you to fast before the scan and then why they give you a finger prick test before they inject you with a glucose mix. Its because the one thing cancer growths absolutely love, is bloody sugars. So I now use Maple syrup sparingly and when I can, I cook with honey. Gone are the times when I used to liberally pour unfiltered raw honey on my yoghurts, now I need to cook it through the granola before I can have it. Anyway I have carefully adjusted this pancake mix and boosted the proteins and fibres in it. It is equally if not better tasting than before, and I do find that after eating it I am not as bloated or stuck to the chair as I used to be with my old recipe, so try it and enjoy it So here we go start getting ready to have some FLIPPIN great pancakes.


100g SR White Flour

20g SR Wholemeal Flour

1/4 tsp Baking powder

20g Mixed Seeds Pumpkin Flax Sunflower(PUT IN LAST SO DO NOT BLEND)

2 Eggs

2tsp Sunflower oil (I also use coconut it gives a subtle aftertaste but thats a personal preference)

Dash vanilla extract or a pinch of cinnamon powder or both (I especially love the cinnamon and agin its great for the Body and the smell can lift the soul.)

pinch of salt

90mls Milk

50mls Natural or greek Youghurt

1/4 Lemon (Juice only but its also nice to grate in the zest its a vitamins after all)


1, Sieve white flour and baking powder into a large bowl.

2, Put all the remaining ingredients in with flour mix with the exception of the seeds unless you want to blend them, and if you do you will need to compensate with extra milk as the seeds will dry the mix.Also as this is a forgiving recipe after you have left it rest it will get thicker so dont be afraid to add a further 20mg of milk to leave it down a little.By the way this mix is light enough to make just using a hand whisk.

3. Add seeds and lemon juice and leave the mix stand for 10 minutes.

4.Heat a non stick frying pan with a little sunflower oil on a medium heat

5.Spoon in about 50g of mix and cook until it bubbles then flip gently (Use a spatula unless you are confident of flipping, a hint if you want to flip and have never done so before put a tea towel on your wrist to stop being burned if you miss and do it over the sink unless you have a dog like us to clean up the mess.

Allow about two per person and serve as you wish, I love it with yoghurt, bananas and maple syrup but you can go traditional and have it with bacon and a soft poached or fried egg, but not half raw egg on top.

A footnote on why I leave all measurements in grams or g for shorthand its because it goes back to weighing food in kitchens it was sometimes easier to get a chef to leave the bowl on the scales and just get everything weighed that way, as 1gram=1millilitre.

Enjoy it and next Sunday get up half an hour early and go for a bike ride or a walk so you can convince yourself like I have, that I earned them.

Stay strong and positive and we will overcome the unwanted growths in our bodies wherever they are.

Please check out the photos of the fully finished product soon on instagram on because Rachel is out and I am so totally useless at getting photos on here but I can on instagram as thats easier for me!!!

Update…….. here is a photo, video on Instagram


Thank you all so much and please keep sharing and caring for each other.

One thought on “Sunday Morning Coming Down!!

  1. Love it and can’t wait to host you and your gang again. I’m sure the mosquito’s are out there sharpening their knifes and forks right now!


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