And finally that Chicken recipe

Happy Chemo day (every 21 days) so here I am sitting waiting for my needle.We have done the temperature protocol and the blood pressure so now I am just waiting for the needle and that cold slap of saline that flows in to clean the vein.

Anyway here is the recipe and a picture of the finished product below

This is a simple recipe to make and although it’s called butter chicken I have cut out the butter out until the end because although I do love this dish but the butter contents can leave you feeling bloated.If possible try to marinate the chicken for as long as possible this helps not only with the flavour but also it serves to tenderise the chicken.As normal I always use chicken thighs with the bone removed but you can use chicken breast if you want and I would suggest if using Breast then you try and marinate overnite but if not then try and marinate it for a few hours at least as it helps with the flavour and also tenderises the chicken.

Marinate recipe.

500g Boneless Skin of chicken thigh or breast cut into four

150g Natural yoghurt

4 cloves garlic finely chopped

100g finely chopped ginger

2tsp turmeric

2tsp Ground cumin

2tsp Paprika

2tsp Ground coriander

Dash salt and pepper

Mix all of the above toghether and leave to marinate for as long as possible covered in the fridge please.

Sauce Recipe.

2 Medium onions

5 cloves garlic

120g Ginger sliced lengthways and then into strips

1 Red Pepper sliced into strips

4 Fresh tomatoes roughly chopped

3tsp ground cumin

2tsp coriander seeds

1tsp fennel seeds

10 whole cloves

10 whole cardamons crack with the back of a knife

3tsp paprika

2tsp brown sugar or palm sugar if available.

500mls tomato pasata

750mls water


  1. Gently fry onions aand then add ginger for about five minutes but dont brown.
  2. Add sliced peppers and cook for a further five minutes
  3. Add roughly chopped tomatoes and continue to cook until they are nice and soft
  4. Add all spices and cook out until you can really smell the spices but do not allow to burn
  5. Add the sugar or palm sugar and tomato passata and water and cook the sauce slowly while you fry the chicken in a separate pan.
  6. Fry the chicken and brown well and then add the chicken to the sauce
  7. Put the chicken with the sauce in a oven proof dish and cook in an oven at 150C for about 55 minutes in the meantime cook your braised brown rice.

Finish this dish as you wish some people like to remove the chicken from the sauce and liquidise the sauce and then add the chicken back in and garnish with coriander but i prefer to leave the sauce whole and simply add a small amount 50g of butter and 100mls of cream to the sauce and gently stir in and then garnish with some toasted sliced almonds.It also helps to take out a small bowl of sauce and add the cream and butter to that and then add to the sauce again as it stops it from splitting and also helps you not to break up the chicken.Also i use cardamon and cloves in this recipe some people use fenugreek but i dont as its hard for me to find good fenugreek.

I am finishing this recipe and posting today after doing my chemotherapy yesterday and as I read this recipe today I am starting to realise that I may have to start changing tack a little as right now I could cook this again but feeling like I feel today I don’t know if I could eat it as my head is fine but it feels today like my stomach has been swapped out for a small cement mixer. Let’s see if in the next few weeks I start heading into warm salad and lighter meals only chemo will tell. Thank you and thank you for you patience.

2 thoughts on “And finally that Chicken recipe

  1. This looks truly delicious and I will do my best to make the effort and give it a try. Am really enjoying your posts and recipes… that’s one less chemo session you will ever have to have again… onto the next.. think of how far you have come in place of how far you have to go. Advice I was given during labour with Sophie! Not sure it works but I try to remember that at difficult times. You’ve got this. And we are behind you. Stay strong… love and best of everything to you sir and your lovely family x


    1. Good morning Elisa and thank you for a lovely message.If all the messages we get during the day were as nice as yours then perhaps all our days would in turn be nicer.Take care and yes one less session to do four more and counting.XX Liam


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