A recipe to fritter with……

Courgette & Carrot Fritters

“Anyone for the last few choc ices” For those of you who are Irish or are lucky enough to be aware of Christy Moore, that was a line from Lisdoonvarna, now this recipe has absolutely nothing to do with him or Lisdoonvarna so anyone holding out for a story of how I got this recipe from a dutchman playing a mandolin will be very disappointed. I just happened to be listening to him as I write this. Plus I do like a bit of a ramble to clear the grey matter before I start on the recipe and background.

So here we are and it wont be long now, before I go to sit in the barbers chair that is what I now call the chemo chair, as everytime I sit in it I have less hair after, (not that I had much in the first place). Soon it will be Friday and then I will feel like poo for Saturday and Sunday, and then like more poo, as I go through the course of steroids, then I go into five days of platelet injections where I dont know at this stage what the effects will be this time. Chemotheraphy is proving to be a bit of a lucky dip where after the hospital visit you never know what new experience you are going to have, as it does its thing with the tumour.

Meanwhile during all of this I need to still try to function as a human being, Father, husband and member of society, and occasionally a writer of a mediocore blog with bloody good recipes and the occasional maker of videos with dubious production values. So now I will take you all back to one of the first posts. When I wrote about my first chemo session and the list of side effects I may or may not experience, and so this week I ticked another one on the list. That one is the dry sore eyes, as I sit here squinting at the screen I can honestly tell you my eyes feel like sandpaper. This all connected with light sensitivity, I have taken to looking a bit Ray Charles during the day. But this like the tumour and its side kicks will pass and life will return to the new normal we are all facing. I watch the news and talk to friends of mine, I can count myself lucky to have the family I have, the friends and work colleagues. The company I work for have been amazing. There are lots out there a damn sight worse off than me, so lets cook some fritters and look forward to the future and whatever we can make of it.

Courgette and carrot fritters


2 Medium courgettes roughly grated

2 Medium carrots peeled and roughly grated

1 medium onion finely chopped

3 cloves garlic finely chopped

2 Spring onions sliced at an angle so that they look like little oval Os

80 grms self raising flour

2 eggs whisked lightly

2tsp smoked paprika

2tsp ground cumin

2tsp fennel seeds

2tsp coriander seeds

1/4 tsp chilli flakes(Optional but I like a little heat)

2tsp Harissa paste

10gm tomato paste, this is mainly for the colour


As always wash your vegetables and hands really well, before peeling or grating.

Grate your vegetables on the side with the largest holes and mind your fingers/knuckles.

In a bowl put all of your ingredients except the fennel and coriander seeds, these you need to grind either using a pestle and mortar (A Bit Cheffy I Know) or warm them gently in a frying pan and just crush lighly using a spoon. You can use the ground versions but its worth using the whole and breaking them slighly as this releases the flavours and this is an aromatic little fritter and the seeds give a nice crunch in the fritter and release a lovely fragrant taste.

Then combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix lightly with a little salt and pepper just before cooking. Dont mix this and then forget to cook as courgettes will release liquid so mix just before cooking. Now you can at this stage crumble some cheese (50grm) such as a feta or even a cheddar on stilton into the mix if you wanted to turn them into a cheesy courgette and carrot fritter I sometimes do this if I want to serve them as a snack before dinner or a bbq thats up to you.

Ok so its all mixed now grab a tablespoon and heat your oil in a pan and when its hot you gently scoup a table spoon up and gently pop it into the hot oil (Be carefull at this stage that the oil is not to hot) repeat this process quickly four times and pat the first four down and then repeat again four times. Now go back to the first four and turn and then the second four and turn. At this stage check your oil is not getting to hot. Keep doing them in batchs of four until your mix is finished.You will get enough from this mix for about 20 medium fritters on thirty five small ones for serving as a snack.

I served these last night with a pepper that I had stuffed with a whole meal cous cous with lots of mixed seeds and some diced apricots I have put a recipe on a previous blog. I also served it with our homemade chilli jam into which I had put some green corn that the boys brought home from a friends allotment on Sunday.

These are healthy and nutritiuos and apart from a bit of preparation are simple and straightforward to cook and you dont need to serve them as a main course you can pop them on a plate with some houmus and pita bread and a salad to make into pitta pockets so again they are versatile and healthy.

At the start of most blogs I do tend to ramble a bit, and for this I make no apologies its just me decluttering my brain.

Thank you and do take care, spread the word because if this blog only helps one other person then its worth it !!!!

I also have the video on the instagram page plus facebook and youtube. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Take care and keep sharing and if possible donating.

2 thoughts on “A recipe to fritter with……

  1. Liam, love the receipts, I’m going to eat far more fish from now on and I will be trying out the tomato sauce, Rachel says it’s fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration and stay strong.


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