Dublin Coddle

Here is a recipe for Dublin Coddle. Now there are hundreds of recipes for this dish, but in essence its a dish that was used to feed a family when times were hard, and as such its made up of whatever you had in the fridge or anything thats left over. Recipes vary from household to household. However in this instance I did go out and buy everything for it.

Its also dish that has many comparisions worldwide such as the Catalan dish escudella, mind you that version would be more complex and somewhat more expensive to make. But its still a dish that was designed to use up anything that was left over. The one thing to remember with Coddle is do not add salt and if you do use the stock cube in the recipe then make sure its low salt. Also another thing I love about it is that its truly a one pot dish which is great for the wash up. Plus the stock pot for all your veg and potato peelings. My mother in law Gretta introduced me to this dish, Gretta is a fantastic cook, and I didn’t at the time appreciate this dish, but I have grown to love its versatility and its flavours.

Recipe and Method and it serves 4

  • 1kg potatoes, washed and cut in 5cm chunks and put the peelings in a pot for stock.
  • 1 Leeks peeled of some of the outside layers then washed and cut into rings about 4cm long and try to leave the rings whole.Wash the layers you have removed and use them for the stock.
  • 1 Good quality low salt vegetable stock cube (optional)
  • 300gm good quality pork sausages try to get chipolta style and allow 2 to 3 per person
  • 200gm piece thick-cut back bacon cut into six
  • 250gm Belly pork strips cut into 3cm chunks.
  • 2 large onions, peeled and put the peelings in the pot for stock.Cut the onions into eight
  • 2 Large carrots peeled and put the peeling in the pot for stock.Cut the carrots into 4cm lengths
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh parsley
  • Bag of good quality pork scratchings (Optional but they give it a great finish)


Ok put the peelings of all veg in a pot including potatoes make sure you washed before peeling. Add a litre of water plus the stock cube. Bring to the boil and leave it to cook out. You want the peelings to release their flavours plus the potato peelings to release the starch in them.

Now you need a large frying pan or cast iron pot that you can fry in and will also be able to go in the oven. I use this style, as I cook everything in the same pot which cuts down on wash up plus its got the added bonus of keeping all of the flavours in the same place. Start by frying off the pork belly and bacon until both are nicely browned. Remove them and then fry off the sausages but you dont have to cook them through just brown them. Then remove the sausages and set aside while you brown the carrots a little. When the carrots have a little colour add in the potatoes. At this stage the carrots and potatoes are starting to take a little colour, now strain and add enough stock to cover both about half way up.Put the lid on and simmer for ten minutes. You want to do this to make sure the carrots and the potatoes have started to cook before it goes in the oven.

Now to finish you need to take the heat down and arrange the sausages and the meat and all of the remaining vegetables in the pot. I like to keep everything to its own little group as I just think its looks more appealing when it comes out of the oven plus by keeping everything seperate as such(I know its all in the same pot)I find that the carrots and the leeks retain more of their own flavours. When you have it all in just make sure that you top up the stock level again to about 3/4 of the pot. Then add the raw onions and put on the lid and then very carefully put in the oven at 150C for forty minutes. You can cook it out on top of the stove but remember to keep turning the potatoes and carrots so that they cook evenly and add more stock when required.

Please be carefull when taking this from the oven as not only is it full of boiling hot liquid its also heavy and with the liquid it will be unstable so carefull as you go.

To finish this dish I take the bag of pork scratchings from the recipe and I either crunch them by hand in the bag or roughly chop and mix with the chopped parsley and sprinkle on top and then serve.

You can do a vegetarian version which involves using a meat free sausage and substituting lots of beautifull vegetables like Cauliflower and brocolli and whole corn which I do and to be honest when you lift off the lid you get a lovely riot of roasted vegetable colours and flavours. The vegetarian version is a thing of beauty and is equal if not better in some ways to its meat version especially if you are like me and adore roasted Cauliflower and corn.

Try this and let me know and remember Coddle goes great with the soda bread as the two of them were at one stage a staple food of Dublin. There is a little video which is a way of saying thanks to my family and to Gretta at the end.

2 thoughts on “Dublin Coddle

  1. Hi Liam! Sounds like my kind of food! Hope you are continuing to do well and hang in there during your treatment. I think of you and your family often and send positive vibes to you all. Much love from Brenda and Laurie xx

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    1. Afternoon Brenda
      All going well I am just waiting on a pt scan. Thank you for the kind words and please God we will be able to have a drink by Xmas.i am feeding Gareth on a regular basis as lunch as he is fading away the poor misfortune. Take care and stay safe love
      Xx Liam


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