An update on the fundraising appeal

Thank you to everyone who donated and who supported me with a fantastic charity drive.I spoke to Macmillan today to confirm that they had received the donation and they told me that your donations have paid for a Cancer specialist nurse for nearly a full month and if anyone want to see how Macmillan spend the donation I would suggest visiting the be Macmillan page where you can get a full break down. I will be honest and say that raising money for this charity has humbled me and the reaction from people has really lifted me and helped me though this in ways I cannot explain .It is now time to move to the next charities who need help and support during these crazy times.So thank you for your love and support.Please take care of yourselves and others because if we don’t do it then who will.

I have started the fundraising by doing my 5km a day everyday for Hospitality Action. This is a very special charity who are doing there very best every day for people in the hospitality industry regardless of the challenges they face and right now more than ever they need our help. Please help with this cause and it doesn’t have to be a lot anything will help and I shall post proof of my 5k a day on a separate page on the blog.

Thank you so much


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