The richest Chocolate Mousse ever

Ok so before we start, if you think that chocolate mousse is either low fat or in any way good for you then I am afraid you need to look away now! or find a recipe that lies to you. What is about to follow is a full fat cholesterol bursting, vein bulging chocolate mousse which if you share with others and only have two small portions it is only going to give you a small coronary. But when you share the recipe and the taste description with your cardiac consultant they will be understanding. I see recipes that call for low fat alternatives in chocolate mousse and I think why bother, just have an apple. The very name CHOCOLATE MOUSSE tells you that this is a thing of pure indulgence that will have you sneaking to the fridge to see if its set yet, or grabbing a spoon to sneak a scrape of it out before anyone sees you. This is a starter recipe and chocolate mousse is a welcoming creature. You can add baileys to it or raspberries with their sharp zingy taste, as its setting you can take a bar of mint chocolate and grate it into its folds of velvet or for a little more sohistication you can add some grand marnier to give it a touch of orange delight, but nothing will make it good for the diet you started two weeks ago. All that aside chocolate mousse is good for the mind and I dare anyone to tell me they do not get a rush of real pleasure from the first mouthful. This is an old classic recipe and again dont skimp on the chocolate buy a little but buy the best and if you have 20g left over from a packet dont put it away just melt it and use it, dont waste good chocolate. So here we go and remember follow the recipe!!!


250g Dark Chocolate with 65% cocoa minimum, break into small pieces do not chop it as you waste some.

60g castor sugar

3 large eggs

300ml Double cream

20g Unsalted butter

50mls Baileys or any alcohol you fancy

Dash of vanilla extract


Bring 150ml of the cream to the boil, add the butter and chocolate and take off the heat. Stir occasionally until the chocolate has melted.Allow this to cool down but not cold as you will need to mix it soon.

Now separate the egg yolks from the egg whites.

In a mixing bowl add eggs yolks and 30g of the sugar and the vanilla together and use a electric whisk to beat until its white and doubled in size. Then take the remainder of the cream and boil, and then add carefully to the egg yolks and sugar, this will cook out the egg yolks.This basically gives you an egg custard. This is an extra step that I do because of chemo.At this stage you can add the Baileys or whatever flavour you wish.You can also leave it out as this mousse does not need any additional flavours its just my preference.

Now lightly whisk the egg whites with the remaining 30g of sugar until its light and fluffy.

This is where you now need to concentrate for a few minutes.

You need to first combine the egg custard mix with the chocolate and cream mix.

When this is done you will need to gently fold in the egg whites to the chocolate and egg custard mix.Dont overmix this part and thus drive all of the air out of the egg whites.

Now spoon the mousse into whatever dish you wish to use in the photo I have used a small pudding mold but in reality i actually needed two of these small molds.Eaach one was enough for four good portions even with my two boys.

Thats it there is not a lot more to say. This is a rich and heavy mousse and if you want to do this as a chocolate mousse cake all you need to do is make a skinny chocolate or vanilla sponge for the base and spoon the mix in on top.

With a little cream pored on top

To pop it out of the mould just pop the mould it some hot water and then put a plate on top and turn over. By doing this you also make a chocolate sauce at the same time. I always put some double cream on top and it looks great as it pools at the base.. I adore this recipe and all joking aside its not that bad for you as long as you use a good quality chocolate it means you can get away with a small amount of sugar.The recipe is good for about six to eight portions and its only got 60g of castor sugar which for a recipe of this size is tiny.Remember give a good portion, there is not much sadder sights than a small portion of chocolate Mousse.

A close up I used a Xmas pudding mould for this one

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