Here we go this will be an ongoing updated page with my 5k a day for hospitality action

I shall try to post everyday from here on so they stay in sequence

Please donate it really is a great charity I also have to admit that at the start of the month I was hit by cancer fatigue for a few days

I have not had cancer fatigue before and I will be honest it’s real crap as it sneaks up and bursts your balloon really fast. Not a story I want to get into but it turns you into a monster without you knowing it.

I have to thank Kit Kat the dog who accompanies me on all my walking and running trips
To stop me getting bored I sometimes start or finish with a run this shows that couch to 5k does actually work
Sometimes I cycle which is easier on my knees
I admit I overdid this one and in the rain not a good idea
All this and only one puncture
This was listed as a walk but I think I actually ran most of it the fit bit was screaming about my heart rate most of the way through but it was nearly all downhill
Cyclists easier mind you the calories don’t fall off as easy
I remember this one as I know I felt sick after I think for a while I forgot I used to smoke and drink and I paid for forgetting
Straight down peppard road the bike needed a service ps I did not walk home
I forgot to hit the button until I was on the way home so I need a little trust on this one
Fit bit played up so I had to resort to the phone
A particularly good day yet again my legs felt 33 not 53
Easy one I did not pay any price for this one
Here is a cumulative page as I had to change my tracker for a few days as I actually lost one so I had to wait for another to arrive

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