It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So it’s early December and that means Christmas. This family’s favorite time of the year. We love Christmas in this house all that loving and giving and just a fantastic excuse to eat drink and be merry. Speaking of giving, my buddy mr Hodgkin’s has also chipped in this year with a surprise for me. So in the last post I told you all I had a few sessions of radiotherapy to do, maybe three or four. Well my buddy mr Hodgkin’s has kindly arranged that for Christmas I am having 15 sessions of radiotherapy over a period of 21 days he really is the gift that keeps on giving, and to boot he even threw in a fantastic mask making session. Not any old half arsed mask either this one was a real beauty. You know the kind of mask where they take a warm sheet of heavy duty plastic and mould it so tight around your head and shoulders while clipping it to a table so you cannot move a millimeter or open your eye the kind of mask that makes you think this is as close as I want to get to being water boarded. Yep mr Hodgkin’s has the knack of being quite a resilient house guest. I mean in the last four months he has been hit with cell killing drugs and he just does not take the hint to piss off and so now we need to radiate the bugger. Happier days definitely lie ahead but only after I get through the next three weeks. I have wondered at times what it must be like having dinner through a straw and I guess I may be about to find out. Yeah the list of side effects from radiotherapy to the throat do not make for happy reading or indeed comfortable eating.

I guess I may have to start polishing my skills on soups and smoothies. In fact I am about to change my diet for at least the next few weeks with the exception of Christmas Day when pain or no pain a Christmas dinner I shall consume. Last night my eldest said he hoped that the radiotherapy would not stop me having Christmas dinner because he knows that it’s my favourite dinner of the year. Speaking of Christmas, it reminds me that as with Santa we have taken the decision to not tell the boys the whole truth about my radiotherapy, we decided to play it down and unlike Chemo when we told them everything this time we have simply said that it’s simply a precaution to just finish off the treatment. They have both grown up perhaps a bit to fast because of this cancer so we don’t want them associating this Christmas with a cancer treatment as they did with all of this summer.

I should also say that the the team at the royal Berkshire hospital were fantastic during my mask fitting and while the fitting part is fairly horrific they were so understanding and professional during the ordeal.

A must have accessory at Christmas perhaps when this is done I shall make it into a wall light for the toilet!! Macabre idea of me watching you on the wall as you do your business

So what’s the different diet I hear you ask. I am going to try and change my food to make it as anti inflammatory as possible and to aim to make it an alkaline diet. This is not a major step as we already eat huge amounts of fresh vegetables and a fair amount of fish anyway but it will involve totally cutting out any food that is in any way processed and also reducing my consumption of dairy so that’s my hot toast with lashings of butter with ham and cheese out the gap. I have also invested in a special mouthwash and I will update my progress and perhaps the brand as I go along, it stimulates the production of saliva and aids the breakdown of mucus.

This mouthwash was recommended to me by a couple who I know and trust, and unfortunately whose daughter went through worse. Sadly for her and Her family she passed away due to the Cancer she had.

So watch this space as it all starts this week. I just need to get my shit together as that mask descends on my head and shoulders and I force myself to breathe and ffs keep your eyes shut. Come on chap we can do this. Take care and think things through and then try and talk about them. Happy Christmas

19 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Liam, sending big love to you, Rachel and the boys. Not sure if it helps to share (so please forgive me if it doesn’t) but I still have my husband’s face mask and it’s a big comfort to still touch and know the shape of his face now, as it’s some 12.5 years since I saw the real thing. There’s a silver lining in everything, but you sometimes have to look really hard for it or wait for it to materialise. Wishing you all the best possible Christmas xx


    1. Cath this is taken me a while to reply
      Your words express your feelings so well and they have really got me thinking, which is a good thing.
      Sometimes we write words without thinking of the people who read them and the effects that those words will have. I can only imagine your loss but at the same time in my mind when you touch that mask I also imagine you smiling or at least I do hope so.
      Also and if you will allow me to say I do think he was in some ways a lucky man as he has not been forgotten and is still a part of your life.
      Personally I would hate to think that when I go I would just be forgotten. This may sound selfish but I would hate to think that when I do shrug of this mortal coil that I would have left nothing of me behind.
      Responses like yours help me to look outside the circle so thank you and take care.
      Xx Liam


  2. Best of luck with the treatments Liam. Not nice to go have to go through any time.
    Enjoy your Christmas dinner. It will be well deserved xoxo


    1. Such a powerful message Liam. I’m so sorry that there had to be a change in your treatment, that mask looks tough.
      You, Rachel, Cohen & Baker are in my thoughts. Hopefully you can enjoy your Christmas dinner. Much love xx


  3. Good God Liam, that looks bloody awful. Wishing you the strength to get through it and for your recovery thereafter. With our ❤️ C&C


    1. Thank you Caroline it’s not that bad I am planning on taking a box of chocolates with me to bribe the radiotherapy team so that they just talk to me as I am stuck on the machine!! Even a shopping list will do. Have a fantastic Christmas and see you all in 21 XX Liam


  4. All here thinking of you and send all our positive thoughts. Lots of love to you, Rachel and thr boys xx
    Brenda, Laurie and family


  5. You can definitely do this! And before we know it we will be out the gap on on our bikes into a better year for you, Rachel and all the family lusm xxxx


  6. Good luck with this Liam. Berny & I will be thinking of you and your family this Christmas. We hope you have a great Xmas, despite the treatment, and 2021 brings good health and happiness.


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