One more sleep till R day

Evening so its tomorrow, I have to admit I do feel like that long tailed cat at a rocking chair convention. So I am about to get Rachel to do some tapping tonight, so that I can get my technique perfected for tomorrow. Apparently tomorrow is going to be a fifteen minute session with a short scan to start and then they will light me up like sydney harbour bridge on news years eve, well at least thats how my mind imagines whats will be going on inside my throat/side of my tongue. The reality will probably be more like when you put a fork in a microwave and after a split second pull the door open after you see the first spark. I just need to make sure I dont open my eyes, for some reason I want to see if I can, and what it looks like through the small holes, but I cannot as the mask is too tight.

I am doing this post now, to tell you about a food evaluation programme that I signed up for yesterday with the Sensory Science Lab at Reading University (Thank you Tracy). The idea behind this evaluation is to look at foods that are designed for people such as me, or maybe you or someone you know going through this stuff. I am actually looking forward to doing this (I know I am a food anorak but you celebrate the small things when the big things are still just out of reach). I have been honest with the people running the programme that I want to get involved with what they are doing. So I am going to post the advert, below as they are short of volunteers and to me its also a handy way of getting further £50 as a donation to charity.

I also need to thank everyone who responded to all of the posts, we as a family really appreciate the love and support that we are getting through all of this. I shall update my progress with the radiotheraphy, and the food evaluation as the days pass. Sign up its easy and it will help now, and hopefully in the future as well. Love always Liam, Rachel and the Boys..

3 thoughts on “One more sleep till R day

  1. We’ll be thinking of you too Liam. It’s a bloody awful time you are going through! Looking forward to happier healthier times. Xx


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