I’m Liam Keating…….

I’ve set up this page, as a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with non Hodkins lymphoma. This was a huge blow to me and the family. Thankfully with time and support from my loving family, great friends and wonderfully supportive team, Directors and owners of the Business Design Centre Islington. I was able to put a positive spin on all of this.

I started to look into the best ways to beat this and as we all know a good diet is key. Luckily I have always eaten fresh healthy produce, but with Chemotherapy what you can and cannot eat and how it is cooked, can be very limiting and quite confusing. Never mind as I go through the further stages, my appetite and energy levels well get less. Hence I thought of doing a blog, to use my extensive knowledge of food and put it together with my personal experience as I go through this journey.

So far MacMillan and the amazing staff at the NHS Royal Berkshire have been outstanding, I would like to give something back to these charities. With this in mind I would like to propose that anyone watching or using these recipes could donate to my Just giving fund, so we can support the amazing staff who work so hard, and other people who unfortunately will have to go through similar, in the future.

So here is a quick update.We managed to actually raise 123% (4K+) of the money for Macmillan cancer support that we had set out to raise. I was delighted to be able to do this and to be honest I am humbled by the response and generosity of all the people who donated. So we have now closed down that just giving page and in its place I have decided to raise some funds for Hospitality action to help them to help out people who are now in need in the hospitality industry. Check out the link below to see the amazing work that they are doing for an indusry that really needs all of the help it can get right now.If you wish to donate then please do by either my just giving page or direct with them and while you are there please check out their fantastic campaign for invisible chips.


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