It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So it’s early December and that means Christmas. This family’s favorite time of the year. We love Christmas in this house all that loving and giving and just a fantastic excuse to eat drink and be merry. Speaking of giving, my buddy mr Hodgkin’s has also chipped in this year with a surprise for me.Continue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

Scan day results day today 😁

Good morning welcome to Friday the 23rd of October. I am not sure if the butterflies in my stomach are due to the fact that I haven’t had my porridge, or because I have had to starve myself for the PET scan. Or I am just bloody nervous about it. Anyway the day has finallyContinue reading “Scan day results day today 😁”

Magdalenas and Chocolate Marble cake.

Here we have two very simple recipes for two great sweet items to make as a family. Magdalenas are little fluffy lemon cakes that we loved when we lived in Spain. They are fantastic with a mid morning coffee or even better paired with ice cream and a shot of espresso or a smooth liquerContinue reading “Magdalenas and Chocolate Marble cake.”

(Sittin’ On) the dock of the bay plus other things!!

How nice that would that be, instead I am sitting at the chemo chair waiting for my needle to come!! So here we go again, it’s Friday the 11th of September, it’s the start of cycle 4. If like me you judged time passing by when the kids were at school or in my caseContinue reading “(Sittin’ On) the dock of the bay plus other things!!”

Here we go this will be an ongoing updated page with my 5k a day for hospitality action

I shall try to post everyday from here on so they stay in sequence Please donate it really is a great charity I also have to admit that at the start of the month I was hit by cancer fatigue for a few days I have not had cancer fatigue before and I will beContinue reading “Here we go this will be an ongoing updated page with my 5k a day for hospitality action”

The richest Chocolate Mousse ever

Ok so before we start, if you think that chocolate mousse is either low fat or in any way good for you then I am afraid you need to look away now! or find a recipe that lies to you. What is about to follow is a full fat cholesterol bursting, vein bulging chocolate mousseContinue reading “The richest Chocolate Mousse ever”

Leek and Potato Soup and a basic recipe for just about any fresh soup you fancy

This has got to be the easiest soup recipe going, also one of the healthiest and nutritious. Again this is a one pot soup where it all goes in together and on together. You can make this gluten free as I always do, its also dairy free and Vegan. Personally I have never seen theContinue reading “Leek and Potato Soup and a basic recipe for just about any fresh soup you fancy”