Lamb Koftas with Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Good morning and welcome to Saturday, yesterday I had good news from my consultant, who has reviewed my blood tests, they are happy with my kidney and liver functions which can be severly affected by the medication, and all my other bloods are holding up well to the first cycle of the chemo, So IContinue reading “Lamb Koftas with Roasted Cauliflower Salad”

Super Healthy Fruit and Nuts Granola

Good afternoon, Today has been a fantastic day, I have just finished a batch of super healthy fruit and nut Granola. Try this recipe and I can tell you it will be difficult to ever consider eating a shop bought one again. Its packed full of super foods from cholesterol lowering fibre packed oats, toContinue reading “Super Healthy Fruit and Nuts Granola”

I completely and totally love and accept myself, and breathe……

These are the words you say when you do a Tapping session. They are such small simple words. They are very easy to say and you can say them without actually thinking about them. But to actually realise that you need to say them and realy really believe them is a hard journey especially forContinue reading “I completely and totally love and accept myself, and breathe……”

Chicken Dhal with Red split Lentils

Here is a great recipe for a healthy slightly spicy chicken dish with lots of protein and healthy ginger and garlic. I also put some cloves through this as they are super good for your Liver and help with blood sugar regulation and when you are on Chemo, anything that helps the stomach or theContinue reading “Chicken Dhal with Red split Lentils”

Two great bread recipes

My first two recipes are simple bread recipes. Bread is a go too as a snack on its own or an accompaniment to many dishes. Lets be honest, most of us can give up basically anything, I’ve even finally managed to give up cigarettes, but bread is one food I go to when I wantContinue reading “Two great bread recipes”

Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an unwelcome visitor

Hi all, So you think that’s it, you have nearly gotten through lockdown and you are getting into the headspace for returning to work and in a lot of ways looking forward to it. Lockdown was not that bad I got to spend a lot of time with Rachel, Cohen and Baker and life wasContinue reading “Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an unwelcome visitor”