Giving Back

So yesterday was a fantastic day, I was given the opportunity to continue Giving Back. This entire blog in fact this entire website, has been about trying to help others who are in the same boat, giving back to our NHS, raising some funds for charity and my opportunity to write down my thoughts. IContinue reading “Giving Back”

(Ps this is a long one so maybe put the kettle on before you start) Write the blog…. This is what my head has been full of since I finished the radiotheraphy. I have taken to writing this is my head as I go to sleep at night and what sounds fantastic at 11pm atContinue reading

Here we go this will be an ongoing updated page with my 5k a day for hospitality action

I shall try to post everyday from here on so they stay in sequence Please donate it really is a great charity I also have to admit that at the start of the month I was hit by cancer fatigue for a few days I have not had cancer fatigue before and I will beContinue reading “Here we go this will be an ongoing updated page with my 5k a day for hospitality action”


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