The richest Chocolate Mousse ever

Ok so before we start, if you think that chocolate mousse is either low fat or in any way good for you then I am afraid you need to look away now! or find a recipe that lies to you. What is about to follow is a full fat cholesterol bursting, vein bulging chocolate mousseContinue reading “The richest Chocolate Mousse ever”

Leek and Potato Soup and a basic recipe for just about any fresh soup you fancy

This has got to be the easiest soup recipe going, also one of the healthiest and nutritious. Again this is a one pot soup where it all goes in together and on together. You can make this gluten free as I always do, its also dairy free and Vegan. Personally I have never seen theContinue reading “Leek and Potato Soup and a basic recipe for just about any fresh soup you fancy”

An update on the fundraising appeal Thank you to everyone who donated and who supported me with a fantastic charity drive.I spoke to Macmillan today to confirm that they had received the donation and they told me that your donations have paid for a Cancer specialist nurse for nearly a full month and if anyone want to see how MacmillanContinue reading “An update on the fundraising appeal”

Not so traditional Toad in the hole.

So this is a really versatile dish, that is good for family times when everyone has gone back to school or work and also have commitments in the evening.We also use this as a lunch item during the weekend simply by adding some crumbled black pudding to the mix and adding a poached egg onContinue reading “Not so traditional Toad in the hole.”

Dublin Coddle

Here is a recipe for Dublin Coddle. Now there are hundreds of recipes for this dish, but in essence its a dish that was used to feed a family when times were hard, and as such its made up of whatever you had in the fridge or anything thats left over. Recipes vary from householdContinue reading “Dublin Coddle”

Berenjenas Rellenas – Stuffed Aubergines (Non Vegetarian)

Ok so here we have an old favourite from our time living in Catalonia. I always remember the first time that I actually ordered this dish, and my surprise when it turned out to not be vegetarian(no my Spanish was not good at that stage)but pork, and my bigger surprise when I actually liked it.Continue reading “Berenjenas Rellenas – Stuffed Aubergines (Non Vegetarian)”

A simple recipe on how to help (Aubergine Parmigiana)

The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”– Robert F. Kennedy I now know the purpose of my tumour, which started its life as a single innocent cell in my body and for reasons know only to itself went rogue. I now know what this saying means. So hereContinue reading “A simple recipe on how to help (Aubergine Parmigiana)”

A recipe to fritter with……

Courgette & Carrot Fritters “Anyone for the last few choc ices” For those of you who are Irish or are lucky enough to be aware of Christy Moore, that was a line from Lisdoonvarna, now this recipe has absolutely nothing to do with him or Lisdoonvarna so anyone holding out for a story of howContinue reading “A recipe to fritter with……”