Dublin Coddle

Here is a recipe for Dublin Coddle. Now there are hundreds of recipes for this dish, but in essence its a dish that was used to feed a family when times were hard, and as such its made up of whatever you had in the fridge or anything thats left over. Recipes vary from householdContinue reading “Dublin Coddle”

A recipe to fritter with……

Courgette & Carrot Fritters “Anyone for the last few choc ices” For those of you who are Irish or are lucky enough to be aware of Christy Moore, that was a line from Lisdoonvarna, now this recipe has absolutely nothing to do with him or Lisdoonvarna so anyone holding out for a story of howContinue reading “A recipe to fritter with……”

Eat more Fish

SALMON PARCELS, PAN FRIED SEA BASS, ROASTED VEGTABLES & A HOME MADE TOMATO SAUCE Rachel tells me I should back information up with statistics and facts, so here are some. Within three weeks of me buying my last electric car, two of my neighbours bought the same car, so I must have impeccable taste inContinue reading “Eat more Fish”

Monday morning was a Delight.

IMAN BAYALDI Sometimes this blog is absolutely nothing to do with cancer, tumours or chemotherapy. Sometimes it’s not even to do with recipes, although in this case there is a recipe involved and please feel free to just skip to it now. Although you may miss some of my razor sharp wit and insight!!. SoContinue reading “Monday morning was a Delight.”