An update on the fundraising appeal Thank you to everyone who donated and who supported me with a fantastic charity drive.I spoke to Macmillan today to confirm that they had received the donation and they told me that your donations have paid for a Cancer specialist nurse for nearly a full month and if anyone want to see how MacmillanContinue reading “An update on the fundraising appeal”

A simple recipe on how to help (Aubergine Parmigiana)

The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”– Robert F. Kennedy I now know the purpose of my tumour, which started its life as a single innocent cell in my body and for reasons know only to itself went rogue. I now know what this saying means. So hereContinue reading “A simple recipe on how to help (Aubergine Parmigiana)”

Two great bread recipes

My first two recipes are simple bread recipes. Bread is a go too as a snack on its own or an accompaniment to many dishes. Lets be honest, most of us can give up basically anything, I’ve even finally managed to give up cigarettes, but bread is one food I go to when I wantContinue reading “Two great bread recipes”

Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an unwelcome visitor

Hi all, So you think that’s it, you have nearly gotten through lockdown and you are getting into the headspace for returning to work and in a lot of ways looking forward to it. Lockdown was not that bad I got to spend a lot of time with Rachel, Cohen and Baker and life wasContinue reading “Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an unwelcome visitor”